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GS-Caltex Corporation has been recognized as the leader of Polypropylene producers in the quality and service since producing and supplying the high quality Polypropylene “Hi-prene” produced by Unipol process using fludized gas phase polymerization from Dow Chemical Company (past Union Carbide Corp.) in 1988.
Especially, GS-Caltex Corporation with regular supplying the material for lubricant container, mineral water bottle and foam products firstly developed in Korea, has satisfied diversified demands of the customers and also have made a contribution to the technical improvement in PP industry. GS-Caltex Corporation also has kept the firm position as the leading company in petrochemical field through developing high functional material such as paintable material, acoustic sealant pipe material with the establisment of R&D center(Value Creation Center) located in Daeduck Valley in 1998.
Whole propylene for the material of polypropylene has been directly supplied from RFCC process of our plant since 2001, so that our competition was enforced much more with regular supply of material.
GS-Caltex Corporation will do it’s best for continuous R & D and best service to meet the encouragement and expectation of the customers and to create the value for the customers.
1988. 4 Completed Polypropylene Plant ( 120KTA )
1989. 12 Extended Polypropylene Plant ( 165KTA )
1992. 2 Completed PP Compound Plant ( 3KTA )
1992. 9 First Extension of PP Compound Plant ( 5KTA )
1995. 6 Second Extension of PP Compound Plant ( 10KTA )
1997. 6 Completed Polypropylene Pilot plant
1998. 11 Established R&D center(Value Creation Center)
1998. 12 Extended Polypropylene plant ( 180 KTA)