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*Researching the olefin   catalyst
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*Developing process and   compouding technology
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  Catalyst plays a key role to determine the property and characteristic of polymer products. GS-Caltex Corporation is concentrated on research of basic technology, such as development, judgement and improvement of catalyst from Ziegler-Natta catalyst used at commercial production now to Metallocene new catalyst.
  We are researching basic technology for high efficiency and optimizing with pilot plant started in 1998.
  To keep leading quality level of Homo polypropylene, Impact polypropylene, Random polypropylene, we are making efforts for developing new products and optimizing the property with pilot plant. Also we can develop the new products rapidly due to the technique of PP Compound design we have with various analysis and process equipment.
  With various process, analysis equipment and CAE, we are researching polymer flow and structure during casting.
  To attain advanced technology and develop new products, we are developing new process, compounding technique and measurement of property/equipment analysis method.