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R&D of Polymer mainly for polypropylene is done for better products and service for customer through developing new products, researching catalyst of olefin polymerization and researching the process.
  PP-B Pipe for hot water and heating system

Foam Grade
We developed the material of electric ray cross linked foam sheet and EPP Bead firstly in Korea in 1994. It has been used as alternative of Polyurethane and PVC in automotive part and the impact absorbing material at bumper core.

Modified PP
The Modified Polypropylene can be harmonized with other resin was developed also in 1994. It’s quality was proved by successful application in covering material of underground iron pipe of oil refinery facility and we have extended it’s market continuously.

Bottle Grade for mineral water
We developed the PP bottle for mineral water firstly in Korea in 1997. It proved our technical ability for developing environmental material to domestic and abroad companies through getting the patent and commercialization.

Paintable PP
The paintable PP has excellent adhesive property with paint without primer and other properties was developed firstly in Korea also in 1997. It was applied for domestic patent in Dec. of same year.

It has been on the market for the instrument panel of automotive in 1999 and the application has been extended to other fields, such as electronic and motor cycle part.

Acoustic sealing pipe grade
The environmental PP material for Acoustic sealing pipe has nice effect for noise prevention and easy for recycle was developed firstly in Korea in 2001 and it is expected to alternate PVC pipe and cast iron pipe being used as the sewer pipe.

Seamless Grade
We developed the material for Hard Type Seamless PAB instrument panel firstly in Korea also in 2001. The air bag made by it is opened without scraps owing to good impact strength in low temperature and it is good for laser process and painting.

Besides above, we have developed and commercialize several tens of new products firstly in Korea, such as the resin for heat sealing film, PP bottle for lubricant and PP bottle for mineral water and will make efforts to develop more economic and high quality products.

  The catalyst research includes developing the catalyst for polypropylene polymerization and improving existing catalysts.
To secure the catalyst technology that is core and determine the quality and efficiency of the products, GS-Caltex Corporation has improved the weak point of existing catalyst through developing the catalyst for polypropylene polymerization which is one of national projects for 3 years since 1991.
Independent development of the catalyst has been done with full-scale since established VCC.

To developing new catalyst, we are doing basic research for developing Metallocene catalyst that is well known as next generation catalyst and this research will be main project for developing new catalyst.

  The process research includes process improvement for cutting down the cost and improving the quality, and process development with the polypropylene pilot plant in Yeosu plant.
Polypropylene pilot operated since 1998 is used to research for polymer on the whole, such as for commercialization of new catalyst, developing new products and catalyst and researching the process.
It is expected that the basic of technology independence will be secured through deeper study with pilot plant in the future.