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What is LFT ?
GS Caltex manufactures special and superior products based on the licensed LFT production technology from KOBE Steel. We use the specially designed impregnation die head and pullers with twist mechanism, which entails the distinguished twist structure of our products compared to other companies. The twisted LFT production technology enables to maximize polymer impregnation into the glass filaments, which could provide superior thermal and mechanical properties of the products. Moreover, almost all kinds of fibers could be utilized for LFT production based on this technology, so that we are able to provide various products for the customers.
Conventional LFT GS Caltex LFT
Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) are polymer composite materials that reinforced the thermoplastic polymers into the continuous long fiber. LFT is also called as Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Pellet (LFP). LFT is manufactured with the pultrusion process, which entails the impregnation of thermoplastic resin in the continuous fiber. Compared to short fiber reinforced thermoplastics (SFT), LFT has relatively long fiber in its molding. This enables LFT to keep the superb mechanical properties. LFT is in the limelight as the viable substitution of the metal
LFT - Cross Section Diagram
The distinct twisted LFT technology enables GS Caltex to manufacture the superb impregnation and high fiber loading level products. (85wt.%, glass fiber)
Impregnation Comparisions between GS caltex LFT vs Existing LFT